Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bye Bye Pipeys!!

Also on Sunday Jonah took yet another step towards being a big boy. He has slept with his pacifier basically since he was born, but over the last few months we've been telling him that they are for babies. For about the last month or so, he would hand me his pipey in the morning
and say "baby's pipey! Abe's pipey!" So we decided that when we saw cousin Abe on Sunday Jonah would give him his pipeys. (not really, don't worry :) We put all of the pipey's in a special bag, and Jonah handed them right over without a problem! When we got home and got ready for bed he had a bit of a panic attack, realizing that his pipeys were actually gone. I expected to have a rough night (well, week actually), but he cried for about a half hour that first night, about 3 minutes before his nap the next day, and then it was done! Not a problem going to bed, and not waking up at night screaming for his pipey! He still asks for "blankie? pipey?" before bed, but then quickly remembers. "Abe's pipey all gone"

Happy Birthday to Jonah!! (almost)

On Sunday night we got together with the Driy's for birthdays. November is a busy month of birthdays with Jonah, Cousin Eli, and Aunt Brandi & Uncle Todd! We celebrated with pizza, TWO birthday cakes (one for each of the boys) and lots of presents! Jonah loved the cake (mostly the frosting) and chasing his cousin around. We are now having lots of fun with Play-doh, Mr. & Mrs. and baby Potatohead, and learning letters with his new magnets. He knows most of his letters already. Today at lunch he couldn't get the last bit of jello out from the bottom of the bowl, so I scooped it up and said "say Ahhhhh!" he replied with " 'A' says ahhhh!" What a smartiepants :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Boy!

Jonah went on the big boy potty today!! He had absolutly no interest before... and then today his friend Ty was over, and Jonah caught him going on the potty, and ever since he was all over it! We got him a new potty seat, and he did not want to get off! He was determined... he sat there saying "Stinkies in there!" as he pointed to the potty. And then we had success!! #1 and #2, and #1 again later tonight! YAYYY!!! Mommy and daddy are so proud :)
He's probably going to hate me someday for posting pictures of him on the toilet!! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

down on the farm.. again

This time I'm talking about a real farm! Today we went with the DeYoung's for some fun at Post Family Farm. We thought we'd go after the boys woke up from their naps this afternoon...but when we pulled in at 4:18 we were bummed to see the sign at the enterance that said 'Open Saturday 10-4' That didn't stop us! There were still a few people there, so we thought we'd quick take the boys to see the animals when we were there and enjoy some of their yummy donuts. The boys ran around and played on the toys and had lots of fun. They went to check out the pumpkin train and tractor that was sitting in the field, and one of the ladies working there came up with a couple of her girls and took them for a ride! Extra bonus-since we got there late there was no one there taking money anymore so we got in for free!! :)

Trick or Treat!

We had a fun halloween with our little monkey this year. We went trick-or-treating through the neighborhood and got lots of candy... and some mini bananas for the monkey from Jess :) And of course we had to go see the fishies when we went to Grandpa and Grandmas! Then we went to Great Grandpa and Grandma's for more candy and to see the musical horsies. And then on to 'Light of the World' at Faith Church where we played some games, got more candy, and saw grammy and grampa and Ethan the zebra. Busy night! We had lots of fun, but Jonah couldn't quite understand why we couldn't open everything as soon as we got it!!