Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Family Pictures

A couple of weeks ago our friend Terp (Christina Terpstra) took some family pictures of us. She's actually graciously donating her time and talent as a fundraiser for some other friends of ours, the Geurinks, whose family of five will be moving to Lesotho, Africa in a few months to help run the Beautiful Gate orphanage for five years. You can read the Geurinks blog here. Terp also still has a couple openings for family pictures this coming Sunday afternoon - you can read more about the fundraiser and sign up here for that! Thanks, Terp!


Baby girl's room is finally almost done! It's been a long process, but Chris did an amazing job! The room used to be used kind of as an office/storage room, so after emptying that stuff out it was time to pull out the old carpet. It ended up being two layers of carpet (who does that?!?) that was GLUED to the wood floor. So it took ALOT of scraping and sanding to get the floor ready to be finished. It turned out beautiful though, and Chris did a great job painting... see for yourself!

I think we are almost ready for baby girl to arrive! Now hopefully the doctor was right about this being a girl... or we might need some help doing some emergency painting and shopping! This room is definitely not for a boy!!

Jonah's Rainy Day Art Project

Since Jonah loves all things dinosaur (go ahead, quiz him on his dinosaurs... you'll be amazed :) ) we decided to spend the rainy morning painting a new picture frame to put in his room. Now we just need a picture of him in his Halloween costume to put in it!