Wednesday, March 26, 2008

fun in the sun!

We spent last week in Fort Myers Beach where we got to spend some time in the sun! I flew with Jonah, Liz, and our friends Heidi Wolters and her daughters Jennika and Jossalyn, while the guys drove down with our van FULL of stuff! Jonah did pretty good on the plane, besides the fact that he could not sit still! He likes to be up and running around, so he was jumping between me and Auntie Liz during most of the flight down there.

While in Florida we spent lots of time at the pool and at the beach. Jonah LOVES the water. The first day we were sitting on the beach, and he was content playing with his sand toys... until he realized the gulf was nearby. Off he ran! We could not keep him out if it! He would run right in and sit down, letting the waves just crash around him. He got a mouth full of salt water a couple of times, but that didn't stop him! Almost as good as the gulf was the shower where we would rinse our feet before going back inside, he loved playing in it!

We spent one morning at the zoo in Naples, which was lots of fun. Jonah liked seeing the monkeys, lions (RAAAAR!), kangaroos and zebras.

All in all we had a great vacation, besides the fact that Jonah would not sleep in the pack n play, so he was up for a few hours every night. We also had a rough trip home with a snow storm delaying our flight into Grand Rapids... we finally got into GR at around midnight with three very tired kids (and moms!)