Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

birthday surprise

In the days leading up to my 30th birthday Chris kept telling me he had made reservations to go somewhere for dinner for my birthday... my mind was boggled at where he would have made reservations, but I thought, ok, whatever. The night before my birthday he couldn't hold it in any longer... we had reservations at Atlantis in THE BAHAMAS the following week!!
We stayed at Harbor Side, condos on the Atlantis property with full access to all the amazing things Atlantis has to offer. It was actually a trade my parents did for us with their condo up in Cadillac, they found a great last minute deal! The condos were beautiful with great views of Nassau, gorgeous sunsets, and the cruise ships coming in in the mornings. I would highly recommend Harbor Side to anyone thinking of going to the area... it was nice having a kitchen so we could make our own breakfast in the mornings (Chris made me amazing omlets!) and eat some other meals in the room since all the food in the area is very expensive!
We had perfect weather while we were there, mid-high 70's.. great for laying out in the sun, relaxing in "The Current" (like a lazy river, but with rapids and waves) checking out the MANY different pools (11 I think!), trying out all the waterslides, and jumping in the HUGE ocean waves. Atlantis also has amazing aquariums throughout the property, we saw tons of sharks, manta rays, and thousands of other sea creatures. One of the waterslides, called the "Leap of Faith" goes straight down a pyramid and underwater through a shark tank.. VERY FUN! But you go way to fast to see the sharks on your way through :)
We had a great, relaxing week! It was quite the surprise! I guess being 30's not so bad after all :)
Thanks Mom & Dad for the amazing gift and for taking great care of Jonah while we were gone!

This is a lagoon where we did some snorkeling.. saw TONS of beautiful fish!

sunset from our balcony
The Current

in one of our favorite pools
"Leap of Faith"

view of our condo from ferry docks

ocean waves - yes, we swam in those!