Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last night we took daddy along to get groceries with us... and he strayed a bit from the list. He thought that Jonah should have a fishy, so he found him a little tank with plants and fish food. We were going to pick out a fish at Meijer, but since no one ever came to help us we decided to just get one from Grandpa Driy instead. So we went and picked one out from his basement last night, and 'Sushi' has been swimming happily on the kitchen counter ever since. (to clarify to Terp and anyone else who was wondering... he is swimming happily IN HIS TANK on the kitchen counter :) )

Thursday, April 2, 2009

growing up

Yesterday Chris helped Jonah put together his new big boy bed. We got it back a few months ago, but have kind of avoided putting it up... he's our baby!! :) Jonah was pretty excited to have a new bed with "no bars!!" and wanted to go to bed already at 7 last night. When it finally came down to it though he wasn't quite so sure... but after a little extra time trying to get him settled into bed he slept really good. He woke up once, but didn't get out of bed, just called for mommy, then went right back to sleep. I was worried that we would hear him up all night playing with his toys, but even this morning he called for mommy when he woke up and waited in bed until I came to get him.

Jonah is also getting better at going on the potty again. By no means potty trained, but he usually will go on the potty a few times a day. He even got to pick out big boy underwear at the store yesterday, though I have not been brave enough (and we have not been home for long enough!) to let him try them out yet. Hopefully he will keep getting better and better so we can sign him up for THREE-SCHOOL soon!! AHHHHH!!!! My baby's getting TOO BIG!!!! :)