Thursday, February 26, 2009

too quiet

Today as I was making lunch Jonah was being a little too quiet... so I went in search of him, expecting him to be getting into some sort of trouble...
this is how I found him:

sitting on the potty, reading a book and brushing his teeth (with daddy's toothbrush! ;) )

Happy Valentines Day!

ok, I know it's a little late for a Valetines Day post... but I had to share some pictures of our fun weekend. :) Our annual youth group ski retreat fell over Valentines Day, and this year a couple of the girls who weren't going to ski stayed with me at my parents condo near Caberfae. We had a fun time making Valentine's cupcakes for everyone, watching chick flicks, and "shopping" in fabulous downtown Cadillac. we told Wayne that we were going ice fishing while everyone else was skiing... so he asked us to bring him a fish for dinner! so we did! meet "Carpe"...

yummmmm.... seafood.... (yes, he really ate it!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Leave it to Auntie to find something that combines two of Jonah's favorite things: VeggieTales and Play-doh. Jonah has been having so much fun with his new Bob & Larry Play-doh! It came with eyes, mouths, and hats to make Bob, Larry, Junior & Laura Carrot, molds to make peas, and tons of other accessories, all in a great big Bob! Thanks Auntie!