Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Celebration Program

Jonah was in his first church program tonight! The first song he just stood there looking cute... straight face, no singing, no motions... But later he came back and sang This Little Light of Mine and the New Doxology with all of his heart! I'm such a proud mommy! :)

Praise God, Praise God.. Praise God who saved my soul! Praise God, Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

Bike Parade

On Friday Jonah had his big bike parade! I got go to school a little bit early to help Jonah and the other kids in the class decorate their bikes and scooters. We covered them in balloons, crepe paper, streamers and ribbons...
Then they got to ride back and forth down the bus drive with mommys, daddys, grandparents, and younger siblings clapping and cheering for them. Such a fun day :)


Easter brought on a whole new meaning for us this year... a day to celebrate our risen Savior... because He died for us, we can look forward to spending eternity with Him. Because God gave His son, we will get to hold our daughter again. What an AMAZING gift!!

We started the festivities with an Easter egg hunt at the Smeyers' house, with Ty, Josiah and lots of other friends! It was kind of a drizzly day, but the kids had a great time anyway and they found all the eggs in no time!
After the egg hunt we went in the garage to decorate cupcakes and do some Easter crafts!
The next week was another Easter egg hunt at our neighbor's church. There was a field FULL of eggs... 5000 to be exact!
Jonah and I decorated some Easter eggs...
Then on Easter day we celebrated first with my family for lunch... here's Jonah with his dinosaur Easter basket! isn't he a STUDMUFFIN?? ;)
And then to the Driy's at night, and another Easter egg hunt with his cousins Eli and Abe. (No, those are not the shoes he wore to church.. we need to keep the other ones looking nice for Auntie's wedding coming up!)
Madison's gravestone also was put in Easter weekend. Oh, how we miss you little girl. She also would have had her 6 month birthday last week... its so hard not to imagine what she'd be doing... all the things we are missing. But someday we will hold her again... see her smile... CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT DAY!!! Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!