Monday, September 22, 2008

Girls Weekend!!

Last weekend we had our annual girls shopping weekend. For the last probably 10 or 11 years (WOW we're old! ) we've gone to Merrillville, Indiana. This year we decided to change things up a bit and stayed at my parents condo in Cadillac, and spent Saturday shopping in Traverse City. We enjoyed lots of laughs, some time in the hot tub, chick flicks, a fun game ofApples to Apples, pedicures, and lots of food!! Can't wait for next year girls!!

Meanwhile, back at home, Chris and Jonah enjoyed "Man Weekend" by running through the doggy sprinkler, playing with the neighbors, and watching some VeggieTales!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where did my baby go?

Jonah has been in need of new shoes. It has been getting pretty chilly for his sandals from summer, but I can't even get his shoes from last spring on his feet. All of his sandals were size 5's, but starting to get small, so when I'd see a cute pair of shoes for him I'd get a 6. They all had to be returned. Finally this morning I took him along to try on some shoes, and we ended up getting size EIGHT!!!! How did we go right from 5s to 8s??? My baby is getting too big too fast!!

While I'm talking about feet... this morning as I was getting Jonah dressed we were checking out his new socks from grammie. Todays socks had whales on them, so I asked him what was on his socks. His answer? "SHOES!!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Return to the Museum!

Yesterday we were supposed to go to the zoo with Laura, Ty, and Josiah... of course it decided to pour outside! So we went back to the children's museum instead. The boys had a great time, and we even saw our friends Rachel and Ethan there! Jonah says his favorite thing was the "yellow truck" (the yellow vw beetle that he got to sit and "drive"-he's his mommy's boy!! mommy luvs bugs!!) and Ty said his favorite was the sand. Josiah, he's Mr. Independant, and was keeping his mommy busy chasing after him all morning. Jonah also loved pounding away on the piano... I think we've got a little musician! There is so much for them to do there, I'm sure we'll be making many more trips to GR when we have cabin fever this winter!
driving the "yellow truck"

digging in the rocks

Little drummer boy Ty

Ty, Jonah & Josiah playing in the sand

Future Beethoven

"Happy Grammie!"

Ok, so I'm kind of behind on this again... :)
Last weekend we went up to Cadillac for Labor Day and to celebrate grammie's birthday. It was nice because for the first time we had the whole family there! We went to Lakeside Charlie's for grammie's birthday dinner, and had a fun couple of days playing on the beach, jumping in the pool, going to the music park and seeing fishies (and more fishies!) at the nature center.Grammie- your pictures turned out way better than mine!! You'll have to get them to me so I can add them! :)