Thursday, December 6, 2007

best buds

today we had a playdate with jonah's best friend ethan. the boys had lots of fun eating cookies and goldfish crackers, playing with toys, stealing each others pacifiers, and beating each other up. boys will be boys i guess! we had a good time though, and can't wait to play again soon! thanks rachel and ethan for having us over and sharing your toys!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

a not-so-fun day at the doctor

today jonah had his one year doctors appointment. we are thankful for a healthy, growing little boy! jonah, however, is not so thankful for the six shots that he had to get. poor little guy... he was sitting on my lap, screaming, looking at me like "mommy!! why are you letting her do this to me?!?" but by the time we got him dressed he was happy and flirting with the nurses. (not the one who gave him shots... she just got dirty looks.)

jonah's stats

weight 20 lbs. 14 oz. (20th percentile)
height 29 inches (25th percentile)

jonah's first birthday

on friday we celebrated jonah 's first birthday. i can't believe how fast the year has gone!! on friday night we had a party with the dekock side of the family, where jonah got WAY to many presents!! we had alot of fun though. jonah had fun digging into the birthday cake, but especially loved the ice cream. i think he's addicted.
one of jonah's favorite toys he got was from auntie liz- the bounce and spin zebra. he got right on and jumped..and jumped..and jumped! he thought it was the greatest thing, and it was so fun watching his big smile and listening to him giggle.
on sunday night we had another party with the driy family. jonah had lots of fun chasing cousin eli around the house, and loved the pizza (the crazy kid loves green olives!!) and once again he got WAY to many presents!! i don't know where we will put everything, especially with christmas coming soon! one of the favorites from the driy family was his new dump truck. it makes lots of noise, and he can push it around, ride on it, and fill it full of blocks. it was a big hit, and cousin eli can't wait to come back so he can play with it again, too!