Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last Day of School & Memorial Day Parade

How can it be that my little boy has already finished his first year of school?? My how he has changed since the beginning of the school year!! At the beginning of the year it was very hard for him when I would bring him to school... lots of hugs, wanting mommy to stay, and sometimes even tears or chasing me down the hallway. By the end of the year I hardly got a "bye mommy!" before he was off playing with his friends or working on his crafts. We were blessed with some AWESOME teachers, Mrs. Scholten and Mrs. Dykstra, that made Jonah's first experience with school such a great one. Now hopefully he'll still love it this much in about 10 years... ;)

One the last day of school we were supposed to have a field trip to Timbertown with Jonah's class, along with any parents or siblings that could come along. Even though Friday turned out to be a beautiful day, we had a lot of rain for a couple days before that, leaving the park pretty soggy. So we had to move our picnic to school instead. Jonah was pretty bummed at first, but it ended up a really fun day. We blew bubbles outside, made some fun games to play out in the hallways, did a scavenger hunt, face paint and went to the gym to play with a big parachute. Such a fun day!! Jonah sure is going to miss it this summer!

After Jonah's last day of school last week Friday he didn't have to say good-bye to his teachers and friends for too long... he got to ride on a wagon in the Memorial Day parade on Monday. He was SO excited to get to be in a parade, and loved waving to everyone as he rode by!

{Showing of his shaker he made for the parade.}
{Everyone under the parachute!}
{Jonah and Mrs. Scholten}
{Mrs. Dykstra and Jonah}
{Ethan and Jonah}

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The Geurink Family said...

He looks so happy and proud in those pictures! How awesome for him to be in his first parade too. I loved the parachute picture because that was one of my favorite things we did in elementary gym class :)